Ruff Draft
A fashion diary. Not a blog.

The First Post

I have finally joined the rest of the world (or really, the rest of the fashion world), and got myself a blog. 

I always like to think of myself as a constant work in progress. Endlessly changing. Thus, why I named my blog “Ruff Draft” (and maybe for an excuse to use a really cheesy pun). However, I don’t like to see this as a blog. Blogs think that everyone cares what they have to say. Sure, some of them are interesting and have good outfit ideas. But, in the end, no one really gives a shit. 

So, let’s call this as a fashion diary. I’m not dictating anything. This is purely an outlet.

So, who am I?

I’m a current fashion design student at the University of Delaware, by way of South Florida. Fashion lover till the day I die. Originally wanted to be an astronaut/congress women when I was a child.

I’ll stop rambling now. This is way too much text for a post on the internet. Needs more pictures.

I’m always open to discussion though. Feel free to email me if you want to rant about designers or get into a heated debate about why Mew is #151 when Mewtwo is #150.

That never made sense to me.

Alright, here goes nothing!